Which is the best guitar among Cort X6 SA, Ibanez rgr 321 ex or cort X6 viper???? i have heard that cort x 6 SA is more or less similar to Ibanez RG 370,by the way ibanez are costlier than cort....what about cort KX custom??? Any reviews about it
i have no experience with these guitars, but you shouldn't focus on only 3 of them. people tend to have different opinions so it's hard to say witch is the best.

try them out at your music store to see witch one you like best, and if you don't really like any of them try out some more
I recommend u to buy the rgr 321 for following reasons:
first: ibanez gives u a lot of value for the price

second: ibanez guitars are easy to play (flat neck) and usually sound great

third: it has a fixed bridge! dont know if you have noticed but the cort x6 has another bridge than the ibanez rgr: the cort has a floyd-rose-style tremolo which allows you to bend the strings not only down with the tremolo bar but also upwards (higher tone).. well this seems to be nice but ususally a floyd rose style tremolo costs at least 100€.so if the guitar costs about 320€ either you get a cheap guitar with a good tremolo OR you get a decent guitar with a cheap tremolo-system what means it wont stay in tune => not so good... and another disadvantage of a floyd-rose-guitar is that you cannot use different tunings (like drop d or "all down a half step") what will annoy you for sure if you play metal or hardrock (what you are obviously going to do if u want to buy one of these guitars )

well a fixed bridge as the ibanez has usually makes your guitar sound better (more sustain and a fatter tone)

well cort kx could be a good first guitar too, havent heard about it before bot found it in the internet and it seems to be good too
(well if you mean this one : http://www.thomann.de/gb/cort_kx5_bk.htm
(you can check the link its the thomann-website (online music-store)^^)

hope this helps you a bit..

edit: well ive just read a "total-guitar"-magazine-review about the cort kx and it seems to be a very good guitar ("incredible value for the money, waterproof performance" and so on) so go to your guitar-shop and tell them you want to test the ibanez rgr and the cort kx, and than buy the one which you like more
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If you've never played guitar before, Floyd Rose's are a pain in the shit pipe. Avoid IMO
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No no no. Floyds are fine they just take a little more effort. But if you don't see yourself using it then go for a hard tail.
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No no no. Floyds are fine they just take a little more effort. But if you don't see yourself using it then go for a hard tail.

I own a Ibanez RG Prestige with a Floyd-Rose and yes, this one is very fine but only if u know how to set it up, if you have the patientience when changing strings if you have a second guitar to play drop tuning stuff and if the entire system is good engineered and so on.

so a floyd rose is not good for beginners who own only one guitar and want to learn how to play and need a solid guitar for the first gigs and as a backup guitar later (thats what a ibanez rgr 321 is perfect for)
@ der alchemist thanx for ur reply, cort KX custom comes with seymour duncan SH1('59) & SH4(JB) (H-H) & its a fixed bridge........Heard its a good guitar, thnx all for ur replies . hope more comes
Do you have a local music store available to try out any guitars?
I'm a little confused here as an X6 is a sub-£300 guitar whereas the KX Custom is over £600! Anyway, the answer is get neither of them but for different reasons. The X6 is a decent cheap guitar but the trem won't be up to much at all. For that kind of price, either look at the KX5 or M520, both of which are excellent instruments. If you really want a locking trem then you're best steering clear of a Floyd unless the guitar is much more expensive and you can get an OFR. The best non-Floyd locking trem you can get that won't break the bank is an Ibanez S420 or something along those lines. The guitar isn't that expensive and the locking trem is one of the best you can get. If you're actually thinking of dropping £600 on a KX Custom, then do yourself a favour and get a PRS SE Custom 24 instead. I bought mine used for £350 and I prefer it to my Jackson Soloist that cost close to £1000!!!
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Quote by Zerox8610
No no no. Floyds are fine they just take a little more effort. But if you don't see yourself using it then go for a hard tail.

Ya, Floyds are fine, IF you know what you are doing. Chances are, a beginner won't. I wouldn't recommend it for some one's first guitar.
Absolutely !!! Don't get a guitar with a Tremolo or a Wammy/Wang bar or a locking tuner for your 1st guitar. Get a nice lower priced guitar like the Ibanez. It has a slim neck and is easy to play.

You don't even really have to have an amp right away. You will be able to hear what you are doing even when it's not plugged in. This way you won't embarrass yourself and drive friends and family to drink and earplugs.

This way, if you don't stick with it, you don't have too much invested.

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