I'm atempting to play this tab:
Gsus2 Em7 G5/F Em7/G
E. S +S E S S S E E. S +S E S +S S S S S S E
My question is: how should I fret the first part to play it really smoth?
Should I be forming: 5XX23X or fist 5XXXXX then XXX23X?
Should I play the 5 with pinky?
I know how to play that song. I play it by fretting the five with my pinky and then shifting position quickly to play the rest, it's only there as a bass note once every 2 bars. The way I play it sounds smooth and is easy to play in time.
thanks for replies
other way is to tune the guitar during song do standard tuning
Anyone seen them live playing it?
Yes I have seen them play it live in concert and on one of their DVD's and I believe it is done pretty much the same way as I described it. But if you want to check it out yourself see if you can get a hold of there first live DVD called Arriving Somewhere.
thank you again ibanart300
I guess I stick with your way of playing it.
Anyway I guess that the second method is also good, but I don't like such stretches