Ok so when playing live switching patches can be annoying. I've heard about bands using computers (such as Tesseract please look at the gear review of Acle Kahney http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/music/1213) to switch their patches for them mid song. I was wondering if anyone here new how to do this, for my main sound I rain an eleven rack straight into a clean fender65, all the effects and distortion are generated from eleven rack, anyway any help would be appreciated
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Ever heard of a midi foot switch ?

Yes I am well aware of what a MIDI switch is, however I would still prefer to have it set with the computer.
You'll need to get a MIDI output for your laptop then set up a MIDI track with all the switches in the right places and set it to route to the MIDI out, connect the midi out to the midi switching on the eleven rack and play the midi track on the computer when you're playing the song.

It's also worth noting that if you're going to do things this way you will need your drummer to be playing to a click track generated from the same machine so you'll need to have the midi track set up and routed from a program on the laptop that also plays audio such as reaper or similar. Then you'll need to get your drummer a good pair of monitoring headphones and have the signal from the front of house sent to your laptop and through the drummers monitors so he can hear the rest of the band and the click.

It's a lot of work and unless you have to do it I wouldn't bother. Tesseract do because they have a lot of different patches with different delays and effects sets and so on so doing it all by foot and playing in the kind of time with their backing track and drummer would be bordering on insane.

If you insist on doing it yourself... good luck, it's a fair bit of work and a whole load of money.

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you whats easier? have a friend/guitar tech standing to the side of the stage, who knows all the changes perfectly, and have him stomp them for you lol.
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