So yesterday I bought a 3DS from EB Games (Australia's Gamestop I think).
I'd only decided to because they'd dropped the price from $348 to $199 (they were price matching dick smith).
Anyway as I'm about to but it, the guy asks me if I'd like to buy a preowned one for $150 instead, I decide to do it because there's a year garuntee, they're pretty new anyway so it can't have been owned for long, it was still in the box with stuff like the AR cards etc still unopened and he let me look at the console itself (no scratches or anything). He also lets me get Ocarina of Time for $48, so I was pretty pleased with myself.

When I got home, I look at the charger and I don't think it's the official Nintendo one. It doesn't say the brand on it, it isn't the same shape as the DS lite charger I have (which I think is meant to be the same design).

So can the Pit confirm that its not the right charger?

Should I call up and see if I can swap the charger, or just not worry about it?
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It uses the same charger as the DSi. And as long as it works, who cares?