Woah, nice tune.
I like the mood it creates.
Those little sounds make me dizzy tough.
I really like the "piano" that you added at 00:50.
Overall great music. I would use it in a Videogame menu...

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks !
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The ambient section is really nice - Sounds like proper classic electro-ambient music I'm always finding randomly on my computer It's nice and chilled and builds up nicely, you've got that down really well.

The dubstep part needs a bit of work though, the wob synth needs some serious beefing up. I know it's ambient but I think you could afford beef it up a bit without ruining the chilled mood if you do it right. The drum samples are nice, but it might help to bring in a smaller snare like a rim shot sample to help build up before the big snare kicks in.

I look forward to hereing the finished track

C4C this? http://soundcloud.com/misdirected/when-god-gives-you-melons
Message me, comment on it or just reply to this thread. Cheers
i like the song, kinda has a vibe like "backdrifts" by radiohead. i like the bass line thing, but it could probably use a little variation.

also, giving the drums a bit more presence as the song progresses may make it a bit more interesting. overall, its a pretty cool song, i'd like to hear it when it's finished.
not to bad, the begining was alittle repetive and boring tho, once the piano kicked in it got interesting, i agree the "wobble" parts need to be beefed up ATON. i should really be feeling those parts in my chest.one thing tho, throughout the whole song theres this very high pitch noise tht is repeated every once in awhile. and after awhile it gave me a head ache. good song tho. nice c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1474393
I liked the beginning, it works really nicely as a build-up creating a lot of tension. The piano is very interesting as well, with a compelling yet simple melody. I do agree with the pdevious posts in that the wobs sound really weak and, being such an integral part of dubstep, they should be the first thing that you should work on. The song so far sounds like a very big buildup to something epic, it has a really cool feel (personally, I totally see a more DnB-ish bit coming up with epic lead synths and stuff like that)

Overall I thought it was pretty cool, the only downside being the wobs, imo. Keep vorking on it, this has potential

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1473622