Extremely new here as a member and I thought I would upload some songs by Immanu El. But apparently the tab doesn't show up as I want to. I've looked around in the Faq but can't find the answer to my wondering.

The first thing I did was to copy my tab from a docx. directly in to the area where I'm asked to write down the tab, that's easy was my thought. But no, it doesn't show up correctly. Basically the chords are "moved" more to the right than it is on the docx. So the chords does not match the lyrics at all. First I thought it could be something with the size of my font (I use a smaller size with the chords) So i started to correct the whole tab. But still! When I preview my tab it is still a lot of errors, it's a little better, but still a lot of errors.
And the weird thing is that it is correct in the 'tab-writing' area. But when I preview it, the chords are wrong.

The UG has already approved the tab and uploaded it (http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/i/immanu_el/agnes_day_crd.htm) You can probably see for yourself that it is incorrect... And "Asus4" is a chord I never wrote down...

So I have no idea what the problem is. Or is it that I'm impatience? Will it correct it self after a while? (I thought if the process of uploading a tab is a little longer...)

But I couldn't find an answer at the Faq, so I'm trying here.
All the best.
// Hällqvist.
When writing the initial version of it in Word (I assume you're using that as you're working from a .docx file) make sure you choose 'Courier' as the font. This is the font which is displayed on UG, so if you write the original version with it you shouldn't have any more problems.
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I figured it was something with the font. And it was. Thanks for the help, it seems to work now..!
Shouldn't UG write that down, or I'm blind?
Hi again, hate to bump this thread so early.. But I think people missed my latest question thanks to the spam.. So;

Okay, another problem occurred.. The font seems to work as a want to, but for some reason >Asus< becomes >Asus4<, which is a whole different chord, and as you can figure out, sounds differently. In the "preview-vision" it says that it will be, correctly, an Asus. But as you can see; http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/i/immanu_el/agnes_day_crd.htm . It says Asus4...

How come?

Sorry, but it's annoying...
Hum... Asus is Asus4, I thought. Asus2 is a whole different chord though, but simply Asus "defaults" to Asus4.
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Thanks for the quick reply. It was in my mind that we were dealing with an international problem. Here in Sweden we say Asus (What I know...), and UG, as you say, defaults it to Asus4. But in my mind it should be Asus2. I've probably looked at a swedish chordfinder. This should fix things.
Okay, now I'm just making it difficult for me. Ignore the last post, which is so wrong it can ve. Asus4 is clearly Asus, the thing is that it the first variation (when you want to see how a chord should be played) is not how I use to play Asus, so it looked wrong but the second variation is correct. So NOW it should fix things... I Hope.