Hi, Ive been playing guitar for a couple years and just picked up a bass on ebay for cheap.

Anyway I realise I should not plug this into my guitar amp (blackstar HT5) but I have a disposable set of computer speakers with subwoofer, I really dont care if these get fried. Stangely the low comes out fine but the high E string is silent unless turned right up.. anyway its only for bedroom practise.

Question is, should a sub be capable of playing a bass without damage?

if not, Im looking on ebay around 30 quid, any suggestions?
It should be fine yeah, although without compression, the jumpy dynamics may blow them, if you have the volume too high.

You won't get much for £30, just try and get something with the highest wattage as possible


EDIT: http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=150965 give that guy a PM. Seems old but OK condition
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