Here's a new song I've been working on the past two days. I'm absolutely terrible at writing solos, so forgive that terrible bit in the middle. And i also know my riffs get repetitive, but I'm trying to get a good sound, so the biggest thing I want criticism on is my tone and the mixing.

Also, I'd love to know what genre you would consider this, because I can't really think of what to call it.


I took some advice with compressing, and here's the result. I think it does sound better, and I redid the solo. Still not happy with it, but yeah.

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the tone is actually acceptable. its nice and thick. not too digital. i dont know much about mixing soo i cant tell u my thoughts on that. what gear and programs did u use man?
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I like it

But a number of things
(remember this is my opinion...so if you don't like what I have to say don't take it under consideration)

I found the drums to be a little underwhelming throughout most of it...just not really that much of a stand out
I didn't really like the lead tone at all from 1:10.....it made me want to hurt myself...it didn't sound as though it fitted with the backing guitar part

But apart from that it was nice...could do with some vocals
For the drums, I have ezdrummer with a trial version of FL Studio 9.
For the guitars, I used my Jackson Kelly plugged straight into my Line 6 Spider III and the record out straight into my laptop through a cable converter, using Audacity to record. Oh, and I recorded twice, one panned hard left and one panned hard right. And I left the solo in the middle.
And for the bass, I plugged my Jackson Kelly straight into my laptop's microphone input through the same converter I used before. Then I turned it down an octave and used the demo of Guitar Rig 4 in the demo version of Fl Studio 9 (lots of demos, eh?) and used the Fingered Bass Deep preset and played with the settings.

I know i probably went into way too much detail, but I hope that explained it.
I like it, you seem to equal my skill level. A great rhythm, but we can't play a solo for Shi*. However I think yours sounds great it just need smoother transitions between parts. As for the genre, it sounds like melodeath. That's just my opinion, because it does resemble metalcore, just without a fast tempo, quick punchy lead riffs, excessive string skipping. A great modern example of metalcore is "Consumer" by August Burns Red.

Anyway the tone you have going on is quite nice I like it! Especially that odd distorted rhythm line, it sounds rather crunchy.

Just wondering what you're gear is?

Oh and one more thing, about the mixing, try throwing a small compressor on each track before you mix, it tightens the mids of each track so that when mixed they pop out on each other lol, I'm just saying that yes you'll hear the lead, but the rhythm won't be "hidden".

Still great job dude! Can't wait to hear what you put out next!
I didn't see that Highelf04 had posted before me, or I would've replied then. But, I know what you mean about the drums. I'm really a novice when it comes to using ezdrummer, and with mixing, so the drums are very simple and very quiet. haha. If someone could point me in the direction of a good mixing tutorial, that would be fantastic. And I also know exactly what you mean about the lead tone. haha. I wanted to have a different sound for the lead, and that involved me turning up my bass and turning down the treble, and using the neck pickup. Not the best idea I've ever had. But thank you very much for the criticism.

And to TheGreatCthulhu, first of all, I want to say that your name is awesome. I'll have to check out some of your songs then if we're the same skill level. haha. I agree about the transitions. I got in a bit of a hurry when I was recording and ended up fudging it a bit. That's why there's a space after the solo finishes where the rhythm plays that riff three more times. It was supposed to have a rhythm riff between each of the solo parts, but I kinda messed that up. haha.
I'm terrible at naming genres. Unless I can hear the vocals, I can't make heads or tails. I just said metalcore because that's the genre that kind of inspired this song. haha. But then again, my definition of metalcore is probably way off.
Thanks for the kind words.
I have a Jackson Kelly. Not sure of the exact model, but it costed right around 500$ new at a local guitar shop. And other than that, the only thing you're hearing is my Line 6 Spider III 15watt plugged straight into my crappy little laptop.

Thank you so much! I've got a bunch more songs in the works actually. I have a bunch of old songs that I'm reworking now that I have a better way of recording.