hey guys, I just borrowed an ibanez with an edge III tremolo, and the strings need changing - so I was thinking, can I replace the 9s that's on it now with 10s and tune it down to Eb to equal the tension? I usually play in Eb on my other guitars and I only have a pack of 10 gauge strings at the moment, so it would be pretty cool if it's possible without having to adjust the guitar much afterwards
i have an ibanez rg with the same bridge and if i were you, i would stick with the nines. you need to adjust to puh up to 10 and adjust even further to put the guitar into Eb. thats the problem with floyd style bridges, its really advised to stick to one tuning and one set of strings
If you wanna change string gauge, you could block the trem. But what you'd usually do is...

Adjust the bridge (the springs in the trem cavity) to equal the tension of the new gauge.
Might have to adjust the truss rod a little bit, but not necessarily.
Not likely, no. 10s in Eb would probably have more tension anyway and even if it was only 'roughly' the same it wouldn't be good enough anyway; the spring and string tension have to match for it to work.
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