'elo there ! let's get straight to the point ..

I have played guitar for about 7-8 months now, and I do not know if I can consider myself to be ahead of others that played for that long, neither if I'm good. I can play songs like ( mostly metal ), Naglfar's - As twilight gave birth to the night and Enslave the astral fortress, Iced Earth's - Watching over me and Death's - Crystal mountain. + some random riffs. But now I don't know what song I would like to learn, so any suggestions would be nice ..

I'd prefer Rock/trash/black/death metal songs, and NO METALCORE/HARDCORE whatsoever, yo. Maybe some easy tapping, octaves etc etc in the solos would be nice also.

Thank you for your time.
Guitar isn't a competition. Get out of that mindset first..

As for easy tapping solos..
Try listening to the album Count Your Blessings by Bring me the Horizon. If you've never listened to this album i highly recommend you don't ignore it because of some unjustified hatred you may have towards Bring me the Horizon.
It's their best album for sure and is real fun and challenging to play on guitar.
On that album for easy tapping i recommend you learn the solo to Medusa. The solo would be beginner to intermediate, but you might suprise yourself at what you can do. It's a lot easier than it sounds.
It will help you with alternate picking, followed by some easy 1 string tapping, some more alternate picking and some basic 3 string sweeping patterns. It's highly recommended by me.

Sorry if i'm not able to help more than that.

Link below:

Good luck.
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Try Bullet for my Valentine - Your Betrayal. There's a tapped intro which is pretty cool. Although I could only be arsed to search for the intro - I don't know what the rest of the song is like to play. Disturbed is always easy, too.
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Learn some friken chords, and your basic music theory, and then get back to us. Otherwise, you wont have a clue how to write your own music.

This. It might seem pointless to learn chords when you're mostly focused on metal, but it is the basis of all harmony in western music.
I love to play guitar when I am at home and want to learn more how to play it.