Hey guys and girls.

Im learning a song at the moment and all was going well until i get to the Dsus4 then pull off back to D, Iv been trying for the last few days to get this right but cant get the pull off to sound out correctly i think my 3rd finger is muting it.

My question is does anyone have any tips for getting this right ?

Any help would be much appreciated
practise practise practise

also are you trying to slide back to D or have you already got the D in place and just want to pull off the high e onto D?
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Nah im not trying to slide it back already have D in place Thanks for the reply !
If you can get the original D chord to work fine then it shouldn't be your third finger muting it so the only solution is practice to get the pinky working on it. Don't worry about it taking a while though, it's not an easy thing to do if you're not used to it since it's a somewhat awkward position for fingers to pull-off from.

It'll do wonders for your finger strength though so do stick at it
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Thanks alot for the replys i kind of already new it was just really down to practice but thought any help would make it easier. The pull of its self with my pinky is fine but its just getting it to sound right thanks agian.
Just takes a lot of practise, even though it seems simple. I had a lot of trouble getting this right myself for VR's Fall to Pieces, but once you get used to it it's easy.

Keep your fingers pretty upright, my third was also muting it, had to make sure I kept it standing up on the tip.
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I'm currently learning this too :-) a thing that helped me is really holding down the index finger, because subconsciously when I removed my pinky I would slightly release pressure from the 1st finger and it wouldnt make a noise ^^