I decided to unblock my floyd rose and I have a problem tuning it.

I firstly tune with the tuners like this 6th-1st-2nd-5th-3rd-4th and then I lock the nut it get all f*cked up!! I tried once it got half step sharper so I opened the nut and tuned half step flatter then regularly, but then I closed the nut it stayed that way. After that I tried again to regular tuning and it was fine. only the 6th string got sharper a half step, but then I retune it with the the bridge tuners it gets messed up again!! for example it was like this E sharp, G, C, F, A, D (they weren't perfectly tuned but still) and after I retuned it got like this E sharp, A, C sharp, F, A, E sharp. WTF is happening? I've been trying to setup my guitar but I already wasted 2 day to adjust the tremolo and to get it in tune (at least got to adjust the floyd).

what should I do to get it tune normally?
it's what I was doing but still no results. I'll try again now...
Is it an original Floyd Rose or a licensed copy? Are the knife-edges shot? Are you using the same string gauge as normal? Could be a number of factors.
If the knife edges are fine, this is the method you should use. Except, don't use a spoon but rather a stack of something that's the right thickness behind the trem block in the rear cavity. I use a stack of picks and/or coins because I have enough various thicknesses to make it match completely.

I personally also overtighten the trem claw a little when I have it blocked, and then when the guitar is in tune I'll loosen it little by little. When you're loosening the trem claw like this you'll know you're balanced out perfectly when the stack falls out because then the trem block won't be holding it tight against the cavity wall anymore.
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