Hey, I'm looking into buying a mixer and MIDI keyboard...but I'm not sure if they're good ones or not.

These are them: http://www.souq.com/home-recording-studio-Items/9462716-EN/

I assure you, I'm not a spambot, and I'm not advertising these products. Also, I'm not gonna get that sound card or the mic (I've got a better mic, and I just can't afford the sound card).

So, should I take the risk? I'm mainly gonna use them to record vocals and guitar. Plus the MIDI keyboard's gonna go into some really good use
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How are you recording?

I use my mic plugged straight into the computer mic jack using a cord extension, the mic's a Sennheiser EW100.

That's really it

The title of the thread is misleading, I'm sorry about that I know I need a proper interface and a MIDI Keyboard. I just don't know enough about this stuff.
I have the keyboard, and it's great for laying down chords and stuff. The keys aren't weighted though, just so you know. As for the mixer, I think you'd probably just be better off getting an interface.
Start with a stereo interface, USB.

Yeah, there's latency, and yeah it's only stereo and yada yada....

Fact is you can still find a use for that later. Spend $100 on a stereo USB interface and get your feet wet with recording. When/if you can benefit from multiple channels, lower latency and the like then fork over the money for that.

At that point you can use the USB interface to record ideas on a laptop, or sell it.
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