Right i hope i have the right fourm bit to post this..

Right were do i start....
i have been playing for 2 years and im now thinking about my playing and takeing it serious it started of as just to learn a few songs to take my mind of this and to calm down a couple of months into me playing i felt free and alive so i decede i would take it seroulsy..

But here we go i have not learnt any music theroy what so ever well at least i dont think i have i know 2 scales i know my chords as long as there not in power chord..

right what i want to know is were do i start with music theroy what should i look at first with out getting confuzzed to much. i want to sit down and read and learn but i dont know were to start or what to do so if some one can give me a list on what i need to look at or if theres a lesson that covers most things that would be great.

i know i should have learnt music theroy before but it never really came to my mind tbh so please dont be mean any help would be much apprecated

thanks agien