Wrote this last night when I couldn't sleep. I think it's good or fine or whatever - what do you guys think? C4C as always

Well, I flipped the switch
to the light that flickered
and fluttered that kept
your face bright
and your teeth shining.
And I stopped looking at
pictures of you
because I was tired
of turning off my own light
so people wouldn't see
what pain felt like
to a boy who's blankets been
ripped off and burned
and thrown back on.

I've kept a music box running,
and I turn it turn it turn it
to make sure it won't stop
because I'm afraid if I don't
hear the noise anymore, I'll
cut my ears off and send them
to you as a present so you know
that I finally gave up.

I'm afraid of losing my senses;
common minds think alike
but obviously they bash
as the obscurities that obstruct
the path to where we should
have ended up at.

I don't want to tell the same story.
You see, family issues shuts them up
but if only they'd press further
to figure out that I left, not because
a Capulet told me to, or because
a Montague killed my brother,
but because I was afraid that
I'd lose you quicker, but maybe
I shouldn't have changed tenses
so quickly.

Statements overused lose their meaning
but when I tell you it's hard to sleep,
I mean I can't fall asleep until about,
Waking up is the hard part because
I know that I'll have a whole day of
playing the perfect person that
everyone wants to know,
but I'll forget them all in a heartbeat,
it's just my heart needs to stop fluttering
like the light on your face.

It's a scary thought,
knowing you'll die,
be it together or alone,
but it's even worse
to know your heart
committed suicide
over a year ago.
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