Well first off, the story. I called up the Charlotte guitar center (I live in Raleigh, and was moving my brother into UNC-charlotte) and they said they had the PJ setup. So of course I go there and they only have a red humbucker jag. Me being stubborn I only wanted the red and I got mad at them for telling me they had it. So eventually the guy said he could give me $50 off and ship it to me. So I took up the offer. Got here today and I’m VERY satisfied for a $150 guitar. Anyways here are the pics. Oh and I loooveee the grain. Its very simple but I think it looks great with red finish and black pickguard.

Awesome! HNBD!

$150 for an active P/J aiiiiiiin't bad at ALL.
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Thanks guys, I was also thinking of putting a quarter pounder and a seymour duncan hot jazz pickup in, will that be easy with them being passive? And I'm also going to TRY to get a badass ii for it.