On sale on Ebay here:***Link removed by emad***

and features:

EMG Pro DG20 (Pink Floyd's David Gilmour series) pickups

Fender USA Stratocaster 60s RI maple neck

Fender Stratocaster body (in metallic blue)

Vintage 'F' Fender machine heads

Fender USA Custom Shop 6 point tremolo assy

Fender Strat chrome 'F' neck plate

Fender USA chrome output jack

Fender chrome neck screws

Fender USA 'rare' strap knobs

Fender chrome pickguard screws

and also comes fitted with David Gilmour GHS Boomer Strat strings (10-48)
ill buy it for £200? trololol
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Haha, the pickups alone were more than that! Nice try :P