So I just got my hands on a Behringer 802 mixer and I was wondering if the EQ settings would work if I ran amped electric guitars through them instead of mics.
Thanks in advance.
The EQs will work. However, guitar-amps don't only amplify the guitar's signal, they also colour it heavily (however you set the EQ). A guitar amplified through something neutral like a mixer and PA-speakers sounds extremely poor.
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I just wanted to know if the mixer is designed to handle it.
You need to clarify your question. How do you get an amp into the mixer?
Line out the amp and run it through the mixer where the mic ports are so as to use the pan.
Should work fine. The line out is hotter than a mic so start with the gain low.

BTW, It should handle it fine. I once ran the speaker out from a Valve Jr head into the mic in of my Behringer mixer and it didn't hurt it. I was making a load box for the Vjr, didn't mark the outputs, and screwed up the connection.
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