Today, I forgot my debit card in an ATM that belongs to a different bank than I do (yes I know, but this is the first time I've forgotten it anywhere and we all make mistakes), but I withdraw money from this ATM all the time, so I didn't think it would be a big deal.

So I drove back to the bank and went to the teller to ask if anyone had returned my card. Fortunately someone had. So she comes back to me and says "we have your card." I said "great," and extended my hand to grab it. Then she said "we can't give it to you." I seriously thought she was joking and did one of those playful half-laughs you do when a co-worker or your girlfriend's dad says something unfunny but you laugh anyway. Then I realized she was serious. I asked why not. She said that they needed a note from Bank of America (my bank) to be faxed to their bank saying I was in fact a member of BOA and I was in good standing with them. Apparently, my BOA card, picture ID and physically being in the bank wasn't enough.

I will admit I made a bit of a scene. I asked for, and subsequently talked with the bank manager and pleaded for her to give me my card back, saying my roommate and girlfriend who were with me when I originally withdrew the money could corroborate my story. I begged her not to make me have to go through all that bureaucratic red tape just to get back my card that she had in her HAND that I only left there not 10 minutes before.

After everything, I didn't get it back. So UG, I implore you: do NOT leave any bank card at any rival bank.
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You should've told her you had a gun.
You shoulda been wasted. At least the card loss would have been justified.
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You should've told her you had a gun.

He should have told him he had her mother bound, gagged and naked in the boot of his car.
I was with one of my friends when he put his card in the receipt slot of a cash machine once. True story.
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So UG, I implore you: do NOT leave any bank card at any rival bank.

I really don't intend to.

But those policies are in place to avoid identity theft. I would have been very happy to go through some bullcrap paperwork to be sure that my card was safe rather than have some idiot running around spending my money. You screwed up, you are lucky you got things back in order.

You think that's bad? I lost my card at a bank in Berlin once. My card was from a bank in a city 300 km away. I had to physically drive all the way over to the bank in my home town and personally pick it up.

Lesson learned, kids, don't lose your cards.
Wow, that sucks. A rival bank's ATM once swallowed my credit card, but I got it back with no problem.
The bitch shouldn't have tried to teach you a lesson and make a scene, if she wasn't going to give it back she should've circumvented explaining it to you and just told you that they didn't have it and sent you on your way.

They're right for what they're doing as it's most likely a mutual favour towards another banking institution to maintain the integrity of customer security, but she was a cunt.

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You should've told her you had a gun.

he should have told her he had a gun in his pants and the ammo had her name on it.
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