So, I've been working on this guitar for quite a while. I have even had it put together for a month or so then took it apart to redo the finish. I wasn't 100% happy with it. So I have had extensive time playing it and can finally write up a review which is more or less based on PARTS on the guitar and a little bit of a Warmoth review as well. So, first, pics cause if you don't like that you're going to leave anyway.

Ok. So, the first 2 represent the color exactly. I just wanted to snap a few more to show off the sheen of the Satin nitro. The screws on the truss rod cover have also been painted black, thats an older pic.

First, it is a warmoth body and neck. I finished them myself over the past few months. The first time I did a gloss nitro and it came out great, except I had a lot of sanding scratches. It irritated me a little too much so rather than fight with it, I decided to go with some satin nitro. I'm extremely happy with the results and now the guitar looks as good up close as it does far away.

Warmoth Neck
22 frets(I don't solo much)
Graphtech Tusq XL nut
Ebony Fingerboard
Planet Waves Autotrim Locking tuners

Warmoth Z body
Mahogany w/Q. Maple top
EMG JH pickups
Schaller Strap locks
Tonepros Tune-O-Matic bridge(recessed)

Sound: These pickups are amazing. They sound better in every way than my EC-1000 with 81/60's. They have more versatile distorted and clean tones. I love the way they look, but I hate it at the same time. Over the past month they have attracted grease and grime while playing. When I had the guitar taken apart to spray the satin, I tried cleaning them up. A lot of the grime came off, but some of it refused to. Oh well. I would definitely get these pickups in more guitars and I am considering switching out the EMG-HZ's in my ESP MH-300 for these.

I can't really say too much about finish, because I did it myself. Pre-satin I 'liked' the way it looked, but up close it looked like total shit. Now with the satin, I LOVE the way it looks. I dyed the body and neck black. Then sanded the black on the quilted maple only back to reveal the maple color again, then I dyed it blue. I dyed the back of the guitar and the neck blue at that time. I didn't want them too light which is why I dyed them black first. The color is black in most lights, but everyone loves how at certain angles they really see the blue in there.

I'm amazed. I was taking a gamble by getting a Warmoth... or so I thought. There was a lot of anticipation while doing the finish of this guitar whether or not it would even PLAY good. I got the guitar put together and it plays awesome. The action at the 12th fret is 3/64" with absolutely no buzzing unplugged. I am shocked that a guitar that I put together plays better than the other guitars I have that were put together by 'professionals' in factories.

Well I have never been happier. I still look at all the esp/schecter/ibanez/fender/gibsons that I like.. But I most likely will not be buying any of them. I WILL however COPY them, but Warmoth has helped me build the guitar of my dreams. In the future, I'm most likely going to be having warmoth do the finish as I am not that good at it and I worried myself thinking that I was ruining the guitar on more than one occasion.

From this point on, I think I will only get Warmoth guitars. The combination I put together has given me a one of a kind guitar that all my friends want but can't get. I built this guitar. I love this guitar and to me, it is priceless. If I were to sell this guitar I wouldn't take any offer below $2000. I truly believe this guitar is on par with other guitars in this price range.

So, thanks for checking out my review! Hope it helps you make decisions in the future. If you ever build a warmoth guitar... I WANT TO FOLLOW YOU(totally creeper like)!!!
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Well done mate, looks awesome. I have always dreamed of building something myself but i am a useless handyman. What sort of background with the tools did you have prior to taking this project on?
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Well done mate, looks awesome. I have always dreamed of building something myself but i am a useless handyman. What sort of background with the tools did you have prior to taking this project on?

I actually had no experience painting but I figured I'd give it a go. THe rest was basic stuff and straightforward.
oh....muh....god that is damn sexy, loving the color
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wow. did everyone finish their projects just in time for school? it seems like a lot of builds are finishing up right now.

that's beautiful, well done.
Not personally a huge fan of the body shape but my god is that finish beautiful. An overall beautiful guitar man! Congrats on the job... it's gorgeous...
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i call b e a utiful
also not too keen on the body shape.
HUGE plus for the pictures!
Thanks! I know the body shape is unconventional, but that is what I was looking for. Everyone has strat/LP/soloist shaped guitars. I wanted something unique, that wasn't a bc rich. I have 2 ESP MH's, 1 ibanez rga, and an ESP EC-1000. I wanted something different. Everyone who has played it loves it. Initially they feel the same way about the shape, but then after playing it they fall in love with how comfortable it is.
Nice one, HNGD!

Love the JH pickups, they look way better than the normal EMGs.
At first my response was negative, but after seeing all those pictures....

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That looks really good, congratulations man !
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At first my response was negative, but after seeing all those pictures....


Rofl, why was your response negative?

Really I wish more of you guys could play it. Everyones reaction changes after they play it. Some still don't really like the shape, but standing up, where they don't 'feel' the shape, they absolutely love the playability, the sound, and the comfort.