Good evening everyone,
Could you please tell me which way we should install a set including Guitar, Looper Pedal and a multi-effects pedal (Line 6 XT Live); all this to connect to an amp.
Note that my amp (Jazz Chorus 120) has two entries. Until now I used the only multi-effects pedal, behind the amp ie bypassing the preamp in the amp.
I just bought a JamMan Digitech (Looper) and I want to know what is the appropriate order to get it connected.

I ask this question to members of the forum who plays live on stage, I am very interested about the responses, because I confess to being somewhat overwhelmed by this little problem.

Thank you for advice, guidance and assistance.
In the FX loop and after your multi so you get the time based effects going through the looper. So the cable that you currently have going multi > poweramp in should go multi > looper > poweramp in.