Is there a cake thread around these parts? If there is, please close this thread and call me asshat magee.

If not though, where are my CAKE lovers at?! I've been on a ridiculous(read:awesome) CAKE binge the last couple months or so. I'd say my favorite CD of theirs is Comfort Eagle. Prolonging the Magic is a super close second, that CD just makes me sad sometimes

I can't shake their song Shadow Stabbing. It so ****in awesome. Also, whilst searching for covers of it on youtube, I found this....


It makes my heart do this

Discuss CAKE!
i prefer apple pie, but i suppose cake is quite nice too.
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Damnit! It's people like you guys who make it so hard to look up shit about the band!

You type in cake into google and all you get are people concerned about food!
omg at first, I just read the title, and I thought you were taking about cake... like... food
sorry lol
Uber, I was the same way. I always liked what I heard, short skirt, never there, war pigs(cover). If you like the song you should seriously check out a cd of theirs, shits fell good music!
This guy I worked with played Cake at our breaks, and before I even knew who Cake was I liked The Distance and Short skirt/Long Jacket. (came on the radio alot when i was a kid) Caught interest and got their discography. Listened to them a LOT. I heard them do a show on some network on tv, they played some new stuff... wasn't diggin it tbh. and imo they don't sound to good live. Then again the only live song I like is love hate love by aic.
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cake is epic
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