Okay, so I've got an electric-acoustic guitar, and I wondered if its possible to make it sound like a little bit distorted bluesy sounding electric guitar. I thought I would buy a cable, that has one end going into the guitar and the other going right to the PC, cause I heard that there are some softwares for PC with which you can add several effects, and all sort of things like if you had a pedal or something, and then I could hear the sound on my headphones. Is this possible? I dont really have money for an electric guitar right now, but I just love the sound of those guitars I mentioned above. So what do you guys think? Is it possible? Do you know of any specific software or anything? Thanks
eh...it will kind of work, but you won't get any kind of good distorted tone...it will sound really crappy and depending on the electronics may feedback horribly...
Your plan will sound awful.

Save the money you're thinking of spending on software. Then save a bit more and you'll be able to afford an electric guitar. 2nd hand guitars and amps can be bought very cheaply from places like eBay, you will be far better off doing this than trying to make your acoustic sound like an electric with your PC.
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