I've had my pedals for a while and haven't really used them much to their full potential. I know this little guy for a fact can probably do some pretty sweet stuff so I'd appreciate some advice on how to operate it. I'm not much of a pedal junkie.

First off, I've never ran it in stereo. I'm curious as to how I'd hook it up to do so. I have a Crate Blue Voodoo head with an effects loop, a Marshall MG15, and a Fender Rumble bass amp with an effects loop at my disposal. What would be my signal chain for operating this pedal in stereo between 2 of these amps. I'd imagine the result is the delay trail bouncing between the speakers. Please help.

Also, for more experienced users of this pedal, I've had some trouble with the looper function. I record one loop, play over it and the 2 do not mix well sometimes. I know the knobs take on different usages in each mode but I can't seem to achieve a good mix. Is this to be expected?

And finally, I have the Ibanez Paul Gilbert Flanger. Although I've come to realize the take off function is a big tease, but I love the variety of flange effects this overly large clunker can create. However, sometimes when I click it on, the volume reduces, it gets all fizzy, and even when I click it off my sound becomes weak until it mysteriously returns to normal. Probably explaining this poorly but it's kind of odd. Any ideas on why this may be?

For reference my signal chain is Guitar>Wah>Overdrive>Flanger>Amp, and the Delay is sitting in the effects loop. Thanks!
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