So what are your thoughts... I hear alcinos age over time and have more sound??? music capablities??? Your input??

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Yup. Alnico magnets have way more sound..

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Ceramics were used a lot in the 80's i believe to get lots of power, except back then they didnt sound as good, now...dunno never tried em. Read a book about pups though
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So what are your thoughts... I hear alcinos age over time and have more sound??? music capablities??? Your input??

I am no a scientist but I am pretty sure that everything ages over time... not just alcino pickups

But yeah ceramics are best for shredding or this is what everyone says, and crap for everything else.
Ceramics are more powerful, just like solid states are more reliable as amplifiers.
But with all tone snobs come the pet peeves, so if you like how alnicos sound, which generally do sound better, then stick with that.
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ceramics are bright and crisp, alnicos are imo more musical. Ive heard excellent examples of both, so you need to listen to clips of your pickup types and decide...I also love some alnico II pups like SD pearly gates--better cleans imo.
I've played some g&ls with ceramic pickups (S-500, Comanche, ASAT Special). They have a distinctively glassy, slick sound. Think "Peace of Mind" solo. Ceramics don't sound half bad, but if I had to have one guitar with either Alnico or ceramic pups, I'd choose Alnico. Much better for vintage/traditional toanz.
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I prefer AlNiCo 2-3 for cleans and bluesy dirt stuff other than that it's ceramics for high gain.
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Ceramic magnets generally give higher output, and are tighter sounding, but they will often have a harsh high end.

Alnico usually have lower output and sound more 'rounded', and they are more dynamic (better response to picking dynamics). There are some high output Alnico pickups though (BKP Nailbomb and Warpig, and the Dimarzio ToneZone)

Personally I like a high output Alnico or medium-high output ceramic bridge pickup, and a medium output, Alnico neck pickup.