So I am looking to buy an acoustic pickup, kinda what my title says right? XD
Anyway, I want to buy a decent one because just recently I have joined my Youth Group's worship band and only using my electric guitar gets old. I want to jam away on my acoustic but it can't be heard over my friend destroying his drums.

I have been looking at this:

I kind of like it because I don't have to go drilling into my baby (my guitar). I don't feel confident enough to drill a hole into my guitar and install a Piezo Pickup.

If anyone has any feedback for this pickup (or maybe another nice pickup) then that will help me out a lot.

I want one that is under $40-50, if it is any more than that then it is more efficient for me to save up a little more and buy an Electric Cut-away Acoustic because my Acoustic is only about $200.

I am not against drilling, but I really don't want to ruin my guitar (because I don't have money to buy another one this instant) due to inexperience but I don't want to spend a butt-load of money paying a professional.

Any feedback is respected,
Thanks Guys (and Gals)