This is an original, there are no vocals or bass, but I'd like feedback on the song, any constructive criticism would be good, imagine Baroness/Mastodon style vocals. Also, i'm aware the guitar tone changes a bit and that it ends abruptly. I might add an intro. here it is http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Psychotron72/ Also if you area vocalist and would like to lay down a track contact me. b.pavlounis@hotmail.com I will critique anyone's music who gives a valuable crit to mine!
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Sounds very Machine Head. Not sure on the solo, it's very fast and cleanly played, but it lacks a direction and sounds a bit weak, almost robotic in a bad way. Perhaps try a little touch of reverb about there? Overall not bad, just needs some sound adjustments imo.
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, this isn't the finished product so the production is weak, and the solos aren't going to stay like that, i think i'll add more of a melodic guitar line instead and harmonize it.
As promised, here's your C4C:

The final product will sound amazing. Probably. Don't copy Baroness or Mastodon too hard vocally though, because that's just no fun. I feel like the song could be denser and darker, although that's probably due to the lack of bass. When you do write a bass line, try out different harmonies and stuff to make it sound sort of mystical and/or threatening. The solo also seemed like more of an excuse to show how fast you could tap (which is apparently very fast, so good job there) than a way to add more emotion or whatever to the song. Think about what the solo is doing for the composition as a whole before you play it.

But yeah, basically, it was really good.
Cheers for the crit on my track, here's my C4C.

Awesome awesome AWESOME riff at 00:40, seriously I ****in love how you have put that together, the song flows very naturally and is quite organic. I cam certainly hear the Mastodon style vocals sllitting in place and working. Only negatives would be the rhythm guitar tone sounding a little weak during the wicked solo towards the end. You explained that the tone changes and its an abrupt end so I don't count those as negs.

Once you have re recorded that with vocals to tie it all together it will be a tasty track!