I've been looking at both. I've played an Artcore and was quite pleased with it. Haven't had the chance to play a Viking yet. Was wondering what UG had to say.
Which kind of Artcore are you talking about? Solid, semi-hollow, or full hollow body?
Love that Ibanez! I haven't played the hagstrom yet. Don't even know where to find them.
I found a local shop where I can try one. It's like 20 minutes away though so I haven't had the chance to go check it out. Just trying to gather some info on both of them.
Well, I have an AF75TDG that I really like. I'm a bit less than impressed with the bridge (bit buzzy and the gold is rubbing off), but that's minor. I'm not complaining, it still sounds and plays good and I don't regret buying it at all

However, I definitely would NOT buy one online after trying a couple first hand. One was great (the one I bought), the other just plain sucked. The bad one just didn't play well or feel right for some reason, but nothing I could really point to and say "that's bad!"
I love the Viking and Hagstrom make some awesome guitars. I tried one a little while ago and if it wasn't for the pricetag lol I would of got it in a heartbeat. I am still saving for one though. They play great and sound awesome give them a try if you can you won't be sorry.
Thanks for the advice, guys! Played an Ibanez AF95 (http://www.ibanez.com/HollowBodyGuitars/model-AF95) yesterday. It was ok I guess. I'm thinking it was just the amp I was running it through. Unplugged it sounded great. Was a little uncomfortable but it's prob something I'd get used to. I'm thinking about getting up early tomorrow and going to check out the Hagstrom before work tomorrow.
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Hollowbodies always vary hugely between guitars, even of the same model. I liked the Hagstrom a lot better, but tell us what you think after you've tried it. Make sure you try out some of the Hofner offerings if you have the chance - they've got some excellent guitars in this price range.
Hagstroms have great quality for the price. I've only played one Viking, and while I wasn't in love with it, I only compared it to the rest of their guitars that I have played, which were great.

You still should try it out, but I definitely recommend a Hagstrom if you are looking for what they offer (I'd have a Super Swede myself, but I the only turn off was I can't reach past the 17th fret practically. Otherwise, an amazing guitar)
I haven't played a Hagstrom that i didn't like. I love the viking, and if i could save up the money i would prolly grab one. Prolly gonna end up with an Epi Dot eventually though haha. What can i say, im a big fan of The Killers