I am trying to build up a solid rig for recording and jamming/writing. I use an Ibanez Thermion head and a 7-string. There are two offers locally-

Marshall 1960A 4x12- $400
Avatar 2x12 with Black Powders- $200

I am down for a 2x12 and this is a little more modern looking than most Avatars with a metal grille. Will Black Powders be bad for doing modern metal? My understanding is that they are super midrangey and bright. I usually run the bass quite low and push mids/treble pretty high (8+). I imagine running the bass a little higher would correct any lack of bottom end. I had originally wanted to go G12K-100 or V30's, but this is a decent price I think, cheap enough I could upgrade down the line.

I know the 1960A is a solid cabinet. My friend recorded with a very similar setup (Thermion, 1960B) and it souded very good, but I would have liked harsher mids and more highs (maybe a TS-9 would have helped) than what got captured.

What are your thoughts? I think the Marshall might be great for the long haul, even if I don't have immediate plans to play out on guitar. Would the Black Powder 2x12 get the job done for cheaper?
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I'd imagine you'd get good tone from either. What speakers are in the Marshall, if it's not stock?

A 2x12 will be more portable, generally, than a 4x12, but the Marshall cab will probably look 'cooler'.
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Marshall is stock with G12T-75's.

Avatar would be cheaper to upgrade... kind of leaning towards it for that reason.
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Marshall is stock with G12T-75's.

Avatar would be cheaper to upgrade... kind of leaning towards it for that reason.

i almost posted earlier, but i really know nothing about the black powder speakers... in fact there is not really much in general on the black powder speakers. heard a couple of clips and it sounded pretty meh.

i also got a 2x12 so i could upgrade for cheaper. i like your original plan of V30 and G12K-100 for metal. i personally run a set of webers, alnico blue dog and ceramic silver bell and they are sweet. i play an eclectic mix of music though and don't know if that would be your style.

avatar also sells individual speakers for about as cheap as you can get them. i wouldn't expect more than 100 bucks for selling both of those black powders though. who knows, when you play them they could be good for metal.

if you have another guitarist in the band i find it is more important to hear what you sound like with the other guitarist. use different setups that compliment one another, those black powders may sound unique in the mix or reinforce it in the right places.
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