It's such a cliche way to start a song, yet it works every time. Particularly here. durn-durndurndurn-durndurnBOOMBOOMBOOMCHAKACHAKA. It makes me want to punch a wild boar while having sex. The riffing and drumming is simple but hard-hitting. The effects you used on the vocals are fantastic. The whole song rocks hard, especially around 5:30, when that weird faster groove comes in with the solo. I can't hear the bass though.
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Thanks for the comments guys!

The effects on the vocal were my attempt to replicate the 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson) vocal style.

Totally agree about the guitars, the whole track needs mixing/mastering. This is basically the instrument tracks raw.

The simplicity is a specific choice, we wanted to make something we could leap about to onstage without having to think to much

Surprised you cant hear the bass, although as I said this hasn't been mixed yet so its understandable.

Thansk again for the critique, it is much appreciated!