Hi, I find out a used Ibanez RG350 with a DiMarzio Paf Pro pickup for 200$. Is it a good guitar or a piece of crap? I play mostly metal, specially lead, and Ive been playing for four years.
i wouldn't, my rg 350 has been nothing but trouble. the edge III is a terrible trem and mine came with a horrible fret got on it .. and i got mine new, cant imagine what a second hand one would be like... best bet is to find one and try one see what you think
thanks for the fast replies, also i forgot to mention it isnt an EX, it looks like the RG350M (I am not sure if it is, cuz the guy only says rg350, but from the picture i would say it is). So do you guys think I should go for it? My current guitar is a Special II Epi, would it be a big improvement?
um that guy might have a lemon

i built one from parts for about 150 and had about 200 bucks of pickups in it
and its pretty sweet guitar

if you like the whole steve vai/satriani kinda thing it'll do you well
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Even if the trem is a POS, you can always get it blocked.

I say, for $200? Go for it.

That's a huge step-up from your shitty Epi

Thanks for the replies , yes I am also into Vai/Satch/Petrucci stuff and I was really looking forward to a guitar who has a "faster" neck and could beat my crappy Epi.
Yeah its a good guitar. Unless he killed the knife edges on the edge 3, which is apparently very easy to do. Mines still fine after 4 years of abuse. Basically same as my rg370 w/ a Pickguard.
200$ with an upgraded bridge pup seems decent if it plays well.
I never had a tremolo before, so sorry for the noob question, but can you guys see if its ruined from a pic?
Quote by AXmichigan

if you like the whole steve vai/satriani kinda thing it'll do you well

Lol sorry guys. off topic here but...yeah had to do this. made me lol