Hey, I've just brought an Epiphone 58 korina v which i want to use as my first project. I want to use this as my first gigging guitar to replace my gibson les paul standard faded.
First of all i'm going to change the pickups to Burstbucker pros.
i also want to add a killswitch
do you think its worth changing the nut and the pots?
i don't know much about pots or nuts so what would you recommend?
anything else to add would also be appreciated
I don't like the nuts that come on epiphones. I would recomend a graph tech nut. I use them on my guitars and can tell the difference. The problem is that you have to sand them a lot to fit an epiphone even thought they say its for epiphone. Also you have to shape them to be spot on other wise you won't get great contact.
because i have a killswitch on my les paul and i use it in a few of my bands songs.
yeah, i want a guitar where when it hits against a mic stand running from one side of the stage to the other i'm not terrified of breaking the headstock. I just need a guitar to abuse
you don't need to replace the pots when you get the new pick ups it will have a wiring diagram for independant volume options. You can use the pick selector as a kill switch. the pots shouldn't need to be replaced un less they are hard to spin or the scratch.