I'm pretty new to the site and was wondering if anyone would care to listen to the start of a song i came up with. It's probably most akin to Parkway drive in style so if you like those guys then hopefully this is for you.
I've been using GP for a a fair bit but unfortunately i can't seem to get my head around writing coherent drum tracks, despite my mate trying to teach me, so unfortunately this track doesn't include any (or bass, just haven't got round to writing it yet and it's 1:30 am so really cba at the minute!!!)
If anyone does take time to listen to this song and critique it then I'll happily C4C if you post a link to said file

Cheers and hope you like it
Critting as I listen!
The intro riff is quite nice, very groovy and cool. The rhythm guitar sounds evil when it comes in, but maybe that's a good thing. I really enjoy the next part, the heavier part based around the power chords, but the harmonics are also very cool and when they harmonize it is especially cool. The lead part in the next portion is very cool as well, before it gets back to the aggressive power-chording. Very cool stuff! It ends a bit quickly but this can surely be worked on.
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