Firstly, i'm sorry I'm sure this thread has been made before somewhere
I'm looking to upgrade from my current electro-acoustic but i'm not hugely sure where to start looking.
My current acoustic has extremely high action, and I just find it sounds quite dull =/ which is just making me not enjoy playing it.
I'm forming an acoustic project and looking at doing some home recording(already have my recording gear) and I think I will begin playing some acoustic shows around Christmas time and so I'm looking into getting a new acoustic with a bit more life in it =].
I was looking at spending around £300-350 on a new/ one, but after looking in the sticky I don't know if i'm better off saving my money and waiting 'till i've got enough to buy a higher end guitar that will be exactly what i'm after.
Basically, is there a good acoustic with a bright tone(preferably electro-acoustic) in that price range new or used? or should I get some more money together, and if so, whats a good price range to be looking at for something that will serve me well for a few years.

thanks =]