I keep reading good things about the 6505. Listening to some cuts the sounds are impressive. Just curious about the 1x12 combo. Hows does it compare with the head?

Also, I was not a huge fan of the 6l6 tubes in a mesa tremoverb (much prefer EL34's), but I understand the 6505 has 6l6's. Is the sound very different from the 6l6 mesa sound, or I wonder if it is the effects in the demos that augment the base sound that make it sound more appealing?
despite some of the hate for it around here I quite like it. Reverb and the construction of the cabinet really help the cleans.

same circuit as the bigger brothers but made in china with probably lower grade components

doesn't sound like a mesa it sounds like a 6505

not sure if you can put EL34s in it successfully (without a bias mod)


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