So i've got this little peavey vypyr 15 watt combo amp, its brilliant and i can get killer tones and all, but would i notice much difference if i got a guitar with emg pups on it like this one: http://www.espguitars.com/guitars/ltd-st… it has an emg 81 at the bridge and a 60 at the neck.
i know emgs sound awesome, but will this small amp do them justice?
Probably not, but if you were planning on getting them eventually it's worth a shot anyways. At least you'll have good pickups when you upgrade amps.
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EMG's work best at a higher volume for one, and they do have a brilliant sound IMO. I have a 81/85 in my Rhoads and they're the best I've played by far. If you can get some good tones you like out of the Vyper, the EMG's will definitely make a difference in clarity and output.
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Eh, probably not worth it. EMGs are designed to run into a cranked high-gain monster, not a SS modeler.

What's the guitar? The link doesn't work.
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EMG aren't designed for hi-gain but originally for jazz because the extremely clean signal that they produce.
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I wouldn't bother until later down the track. The difference it'll make won't be that noticeable (until you get a valve amp or a higher end solid state) and the price will be pretty steep as they'll have to hollow out a section of your guitar for the battery compartment.
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I have an ec1000 with a vyper 30. I find all the tones I need for now. Its not going to be anything close to how they'll sound through a high gain tube amp, but they don't sound terrible or anything. Of course the vyper is just filler untill I have enough for a dual rec or 6505.

The ec is a good, no, great guitar. The EMGs are a neat added bonus. Don't stop yourself from getting this guitar just because toure worried about the pickup/amp combo. Especially if you like the guitar.

The only real problem I get is a weird kind of high frequency scratch feedback kind if sound that comes up when I'm palm musing sometimes. I'm not sure if its the pickups or the amp. Other than that though it sounds great. It's not that big of a problem.
ok, thanks for that robertsanidiot because, yeah i really do like the guitar.

well i should definitely notice a difference between the emgs and my cheapy cort strat copy anyway i think.
If you want a change of tone, I would save up for a new amp. But if you feel that your guitar isn't good to play you may aswell upgrade that if you think you'll do that anyway. A nice guitar that's good to play helps getting a better tone because you'll probably be able to play better as it should be more comfortable. But, most people will say most of the tone comes from the amps

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