Does anyone here listen to internet radio? I tried listening to an FM radio earlier today and for once, I wished I was deaf. I hear there's a machine you can buy that somehow can get wi fi internet radio or something. If any of you know about this, please explain it to me.
If you have a smart phone you can download Pandora Radio. It's internet radio that allows you to choose your favorite artists, and then it plays songs by that artists and other artists within that genre. It's a really cool way to listen to music for free and actually enjoy it.
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I think Last.FM has an ipod app now, if you're into that sort of thing.

You have to pay for using the ipod app now. It's a hell of a lot better than Pandora, but again you have to pay for it which sucks.
The have the iheartradio thing on iPods, so I just listen to Radio 104.5, plays the best alternative music really. Or I use Pandora online, but I usually listen to my own music or use Spotify
Was gonna make a thread about favorite internet radio stations. I have a last.fm and also a pandora account. Sometimes it's nice to listen to them, once in a while I get sick of listening to my same music.
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I don't have an ipad or iphone. I saw on ebay there is a machine that can play pandora radio but I'm not sure how it works. It looks complicated as hell and it's pretty expensive. I thought maybe someone here had one of those machines.