One of my favorite guitarists, Leda, from a now-disbanded group called Deluhi, used the Bill Lawrence L-500 pickup in most of his guitars, and I've tried searching but I feel like I don't really find much info that I'm looking for on this pickup.

Is it a high output pickup? How would it compare to something like the Seymour Duncan SH-5 Custom? I am specifically looking for high output passives that will be good for aggressive-sounding metal.

Also, I'm just confused why it's only like 50 dollars NEW on ebay. Can such an inexpensive-sounding pickup really be that good?

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It's one of the worst pups I have never put in any of my guitars.

All it did was suck mids and lows from my signal like nothing else.
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They must be referring to the SH-13 Dimebucker.
Dimebag Darrell used the L and XL-500 pickups both I think.
It should sound fine, and found on Ebay or other places for around $50.
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There's Bill Lawrence pickups and then there are knock-off Bill Lawrence pickups. The real Bill Lawrence one's have to purchased from Bill's site, most other ones are ones made by some other guy who one this lawsuit against them, and can now use Bill's name. The actual Bill Lawrence's are great, but they are very bright and rather scooped. The knockoffs are rubbish.

Personally, I prefer the SH-5, much beefier.
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think dimebag darrell....but theres only 1 dimebag. so like dimebag but you will sound worse/different
You're better off chosing a pickup that matches your other gear and your playstyle.
The washburn nuno bettencourt n2 has bill lawrence L-500 in the bridge here at the bottom

Look up demos of that guitar, eh?
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I have that exact guitar, the N2. It's quite a bright sounding pup, but in a good way, a clean, sharp way.
How would the Bill Lawrence (knockoff, the one that's 50 dollars I guess) be in an all-mahogany guitar? Still too bright? If I want a strong high output pickup to fit in a mahogany guitar should I go for some high output Dimarzio instead? Or even a high output SD? Which ones are "high output"? Recommendations?
If you want high output, Dimarzio X2N is super high output, I'm pretty sure Chuck Schuldiner (sp?) from the band Death used them. The Dimarzio Evo is a good pup too, well balanced but it was a little thin for my liking. I've always been a fan of of the Seymour Duncan SH-15 and the Duncan Distortion too.
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They're a bit different, I've found the SDs to be more beefy but with slightly less drive to them. I much prefer their sound but that's just me. The X2N has huge output but is a pretty thin pickup, the D-Activator is pretty fat sounding but I thought it to be a little bit muddy when I tried it. The Duncan Distortion isn't huge output but is really crisp, and the SH-15 is hot and chunky, but it's not a great lead pickup.
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Hm... so do you think if I wanted a high output passive pickup, the X2N would work well in an all-mahogany guitar, the dark tonewood adding some beef to it?

I'm actually curious about the D-Activator, but you saying it sounded muddy makes me think it may not be a good match for a mahogany-bodied guitar.
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Just listened to Deluhi, the X2N would cover that dudes tone pretty well. It's a very tight pickup, and I reckon the fact your guitar is all mahogany would give it a fair bit of beef. See if you can test one out first though.
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Hm... what about the D-Activator? Since I kind of want that aggressive active-ish tone in a passive pickup, I've been recommended that a lot.

I've just heard a lot of mixed reviews about the X2N, some saying it is super aggressive and amazing, others saying all it's good for is a bunch of noise, way too much output in it. Are there any typical guitars that come stock with the X2N so I can test it?
D-Activator is okay, but for that tight metal sound I think the X2N is better. Look at some Youtube vids of them and see what you think.
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Alright thanks.

Also, this is maybe a bit of a random/off-topic question, but...

Is there a fundamental difference between a mahogany guitar with a tight/treble-y pickup compared to a maple/alder guitar with a beefy/open pickup? I'd think the contrasting factors would even out, but are there some things you just can't do in an alder guitar, and some you just can't do in a mahog guitar?
Mahongany guitars will always sound fatter than their maple counterparts, the pickups can only do so much. Maple and alder bodies sound brighter and more snappy than mahongany, but that's only really super noticeable if you're playing clean.
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I believe Lifeson used a Bill Lawrence fitted on a strat when he recorded limelight, if that helps.