So yeah, newest one. Not too sure about it though. I just feel like it's missing tthat special flare to it that some of my other music has had, or maybe I'm just losing it and it's fine haha. Anyways, most of the song's pretty basic, just experimented more with chords and chromatic tones than anything and let my jazzier side come out to play a little haha. Anyways, let me know if there's anything that can be improved upon because I know there always is I'll also do c4c for actual crits
The intro and following section are both really good. I like how that flows into 'Kaka', and the sort of staccato melody in that bit reminds me of retro game music for some reason. It sounds really nice. :3
Solo in 'Lead the Way' is pretty good, nice jazzy stuff but nothing special. I like 'Crap', contrary to your apparent opinion. x] Rhythms here are really interesting and keep the song fresh. Actually, the jazzy-funky stuff reminds me of Guthrie Govan.
'Sky Elevator' is nice, but I doubt its playability...and 'Jazz-ish' is absolutely brilliant, one of the best jazz sections I've ever heard from someone on UG.
Like those chord choices in 'just got sexier', though when the elevator bit comes back in I find I'm losing some interest...however, those arpeggios are nice enough to maintain attention.
Oh yeah, I just realised the sky elevator is tapping. Fair enough.

Overall, I'm impressed - you fit a lot in and there wasn't much empty space, but it didn't feel cluttered. All the transitions were subtle and good and you are obviously very musical. Actually, I think the constant pace is a good choice - a slow section would have just broken the groove of it. Really nice, well done!
Critting as I listen!

Those intro chords are NICE! Very smooth with all the different voicings, and I really like the delayed jazz guitar as well. When it goes into the main theme, the rhythm guitar has major swagger, as well as the lead. Very nice chord progression!

I ENJOY THIS DELAYED JAZZ GUITAR, also the rhythm is sex. This is good stuff, and the solo in Lead The Way is very impressively written! I'm really liking this song, especially the chord progressions and the leads over them. I'm not extremely fussy about Sky Elevator, the chords are cool, but the little licks in between didn't quite do it for me. Ironically, Crap was quite not crap It certainly keeps it fresh with all the rhythms! Haha, even when I was supposed to be listening to the jazz guitar leads, I couldn't get my ears off the rhythm part, it's so nice, haha. Then the second Sky Elevator comes in... and I jizzed in my pants. Very nice stuff, beautiful. And the solo in Jazz-ish is one of the best jazz soloing pieces I've heard on this forum, lovely.

I'm afraid sexy time wasn't too sexy with me but Sky Stairs is orgasmic. It sounds so incredible, especially with headphones. The bass is quite fitting, very nice. The section after is very nice, and there is so much going on! And then, it all fades away in an amazing chord progression with those lovely jazz guitars. :')

Good stuff, excited to hear more from you! C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1474348

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Ok people calm down.

I dont know whats wrong with this, I cant really put my finger on it. But theres something definitely just missing.

Dont get me wrong it's good, I like it and all, its a solid end to an album...

But at the same time it sounds tired, perhaps uninspired? Very ordinary... And by that I mean a lot of it just sounds like stuff that you're rehashing from older songs and stuff, thus making it not near as good.

Shame really cause if it werent for the fact that it sounds exactly like all your others, it'd probably be quite good. Like, if it was brand new, one of the first things you'd posted... And it also makes me not know how to crit this. I'll come back to it soon though and see again...
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Loved the piece and you have a nice color scheme going on there too. The delay was niceee as well. I don't have time right now to listen again but I may later, this time to see if there's something missing in it.

I don't know if I've listened to your other work (definitely not recently) so it didn't sound stale to me at all. I really enjoyed this.
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