This is a song I'm working on right now that's in a rough stage. I might write another verse or two later but this is what I have at the moment.

Born with no color in his eye, a prickly vine
Came into the world with his shoes untied, skipping lines
Fractured his knees in the cold daylight, every time
Lost his name in a seedy barroom fight, who’s surprised?
Worth more than the blackened sky
Only in name, with no alibi
To cover the tracks of the sharp toothed lies
That puncture holes in his bleeding tires

Born with no color in his eye, a frazzled mind
Secluded in the dead doldrums, a silent hum
Piercing through his weakened heart, when he starts
Talking to an empty picture frame, forgetting his name
A messenger who cannot tell
A letter from a broken bell
Throwing coins in a wishing well
To keep the damage from himself

Born with no color in his eye, out of time
Walking the aimless streets of night, a twisted fright
Crying out in the dimmest of light, cold and tired
Searching his pockets for a jagged knife, a wasted crime
Lost among the telephone wires
Looking for a vague sunrise
In the thorny roses of springtime
Too proud to live, too scared to die
I like this, the imagery is nice and it's an interesting 'missing identity' theme, though I find it hard to pinpoint quite what it's getting at exactly but that doesn't matter necessarily. The rhymes feel a little forced at times ; ''streets of night, a twisted fright'' but generally work well. I liked the first verse the most, especially the first two lines