I originally wanted the Digitech Whammy for it's foot switch. It would be crazy cool to work the octave like a wah. However, I agree with everyone else saying that sound-wise, the POGs are the best. However, I've looking into the Boss Harmonist and it sounds pretty cool as well. It even has the "pedal" feature, where I can raise/lower it like the Digitech. You can buy an extended foot pedal but I'm not sure what purpose it serves... wider range?
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You can use an expression pedal with a pog or the boss
For pitch shifting the pog has the best sound, then whammy, then the boss
For harmonising it goes pog, boss, then whammy

IMO of course
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I don't even know if it can use an expression pedal from my quick research
I was sure you could

muledit: I was thinking of the hog. With which the expression pedal can do whammy effects and filter/wah stuff
RIP Gooze

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