Greetings all,

I have this LP Studio which I obtained off Music Radar in a trade. Nothing wrong with this guitar, it is awesome, it is my first Gibson and I have just come to terms with the fact that I am more a Fender man than a Gibson man, simple as that really.

Guitar is in very good condition, it has not been played extensively since I got it, it could do with a setup I suppose, but other than that is fine. Comes with a Gator Hard Case. It also has several mods (quoted from original MR thread for accuracy.)

1. Kent Armstrong Pickups (PAF in the bridge and rocker in the neck)
2. brass nut
3. Graphtech bridge saddles
4. New gold knobs. (Black ones also in case)

I am looking for £600 or trades for some Fendery goodness, I would also accept a POD X3 Live in part trade.

Based in Stevenage Herts, delivery, or meet half way would be better for me, but courier is not out of the question. I am on the Good Trader thread both here and on Music Radar.

On to the pics.
Front View.

Body Close Up.


Quote by mrrman
very nice

It is indeed

Any interest? Will consider non Fender trades, but nothing pointy or with Floyds I am afraid. Too old for them, haha.
Would a Lite Ash Telecaster modded with a 4 way switch tickle your fancy? Duncan pickups, relatively good condition.

Fender Lite Ash Tele

Satellite 65/T

Yamaha RBX375
Thanks deadringer, not quite what I am looking for mate
What colour is it out of interest?
Bumparoo, this is still available, any interest? It is an awesome guitar, just not fitting what I am playing right now