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Guitar playing is good.

Your singing could use some training
And your english.. well it isn't the best Are you german?

Lmao... I am English.

I know my singing is poor, people say i'm a guitarist that sings rather than a singer.

I hate my voice and never listen to my own recordings myself once they're done.

The problem I had with the 'English' - was the version I covered was the Glen Campbell cover (and he sings like a cowboy). My girlfriend said I was singing like a hillbilly so I re-recorded it paranoid about my accent lol.

Thanks for your comment
Yeah was a little easier to sing. I'm pretty quiet and don't go for it as much as I should sometimes I think. Thanks again for comments
What I don't like is that it seems to me like you kinda took the easy route by not doing any of the picking parts. It also sounds like you're sliding during the song and I can't really see where you would be needing to do that. Work on making your strumming a little more fluid too.
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