Is there an online resource (or any resource in general) which has chords in the same key tabbed out in the same area, instead of just going up the fret board? I think this would be very helpful in learning chords and/or advancing music theory knowledge. I have a ton of guitar books which teach chords but none are very user friendly. They mostly all follow alphabetical order (i.g A major, A diminished, A# minor 7th etc...) and don't make much musical sense. I've also seen chords shown going up the fret board in a given key but that is also not very practical. I guess what I'm asking for is something similar to the caged system, a more practical approach to learning various chords in an area of the fret board.
The one thing i have seen that is similar to what I'm looking for was on justinguitar, part three of his lesson on triad shapes (http://justinguitar.com/en/CH-008-Triads.php) where he introduces the three triad shapes and then asks you to find them all in one area.
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