I'm look at at used guitar auction

and it apparently has 0.012" neck releif @ the 7th whilst capo'd at 1st,

and 2mm action on the 17th fret

comments? is this a decent neck?
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Well, it's a straight neck, but that doesn't mean it's a decent one. The truss rod could be frozen, or the neck could have a side to side twist, bad frets, or just be a piece of crap. Buyer beware, as always.
Any guitar with a truss rod can have a straight neck and the action set low. The numbers mean nothing unless you know that the guitar plays well.
Quote by GesadiaH
is this a decent neck?

I can only tell you that if I can either play it or measure it myself. There's a lot more to a playable guitar than those two measurements!
Thats not how we judge a decent neck, just about every neck could be set to those measurements.
You only know how good the neck feals if you play it, not by numbers
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