Hello guyz...!Im new to this site.I came here to learn some good guitar The technique I really want to develop very good is galloping.My fav band is Iced Earth and I want to reach Schaffers speed at this.If you have any tips or any video teaching this thing I would like to know.Thanks!!!!
Ah yes, the magic rhythm playing of Jon Schaffer. There is not much about it. If you know how to gallop start practicing. Start slow...then graduate the speed a bit etcetera. On Youtube are enough vid's explaining the metalgallop.
Iced Earth is amazing.
I agree with the above posts, too. To start off galloping try learning Holy Diver by Dio, and then progress up to songs with faster galloping, or just practice the technique yourself.
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So all I need is not to put tension to the arm muscles and practice?I can accurate play Travel In Stygian but not the intro...I get tired too at the triplets...All these would be improved with practice?Please give me 1-2 videos for Metal Galloping I could find only horse galloping lol...!

EDIT:I play the guitar for 3 years now....Holy Diver is a piece of cake :P
Yes if your arm gets tired just keep practicing to build up your stamina. Start off doing it at a slower speed and keep increasing a bit till you get there.
Also for playing Iced Earth stuff, pay close attention to palm muting just the right amount to get the right sound.
Ive got the right palmuting skills to play Iced Earth...Ive been practicing galloping 3 days now intensively and I just got it right without tiring for some time...!In 1 week ill be perfect!!Thank you all guyz!!!!!!
gallops are called triplets in a 4/4 time scale 1 triplet = 1/4 of the messure.

|*** *** *** ***| each set of three notes is (16th, 16th, 8th)(16th, 16th, 8th)(16th, 16th, 8th)(16th, 16th, 8th)

(16th, 16th, 8th) = Quarter note

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Triplets and gallops are not the same thing. Triplets are three notes pushed into two ie. three eighth notes into one quarter note or three quarter notes into one half note. There's probably a better and more official way to describe this but I can't think of it right now so have some pictures instead.

This is a triplet:

These are gallops: