Anyone know what thry are like? My local music shop is selling them (dreadnought or cut-away, inc electro accoustic) for £99 so I've been debating getting one for uni as A. its cheap and B. due to price if it breaks or get stolen or lost it aint a huge issue.. also I wont have to take my amp to uni for my electric xD

Specs on their sign state a spruce top with flame veneer and Mahogany sides and back, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. Online however it states spruce top + flame venner, agethis sides and back, mahogany fingerboard and bridge, which one is correct?

So yeah overall are they any good for £100 (max on budget) for a cut-away accoustic and which speclist is correct?

edit - Just to say when I get out of my sling I will be buying (so 3 weeks) will also be hopefully play it for a bit..
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