hi all.

about two weeks ago i noticed a pretty bad buzz emanating from my yamaha fx335's bridge and lower body when the notes on strings E,A,D are struck somewhat hard. the buzz has gotten worse, to the point of me not even wanting to play it (feels like im going through withdrawal).

i've tried replacing the strings and ensuring the pegs were secure. i've also tried placing the guitar in its case for nearly a week to humidify properly but the buzz won't go away.

i don't see any cracks or obvious flaws, and this guitar sounded fine two months ago so i'm not sure what to try or where to go from here. i did run through the buzz thread here on the UG forums, too. nothing there seemed to be my guitars issue.

hoping for someone to have a few tricks up their sleeves...

Look at it carefully, do you see any of the strings hitting the frets?
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no, the strings arent touching the frets, but picture nearly the same sound as if they were... that's what i'm hearing almost immediately after the notes have been picked or strummed. if held a certain way (on my chest reclined on my sofa), i get the same buzzing sound also with 1/2 the pressure used on the strings.

btw - love andy mckee!
I am not guitar expert but my guess is what I asked or/and something is loose like the knobs. Worse case scenario have a G-Tech take a gander at it.
Taylor 314 & GS Mini & Martin LX1
there are a number of things that could be the problem. too much humidity could have popped one of the braces loose, the tuners could need to be tightened, the guitar could be strung improperly, and there are other things.

why not take your guitar to a qualified tech and get their diagnosis?
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the techs at GC are the ones who originally told me humidity was the issue but that didn't do anything for the issue once I got it to the right levels. plus theyve had my electric i havent even gotten to play yet for well over a week so im hesitant to be without both guitars at the same time.