I'm currently trying to sell my knackered Vox ad100vt as i want to upgrade to better amp for gigging. I just got an offer today from some guy wanting to do a straight trade for his Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet. I've never heard anything about these amps and was wondering if anyone had any info/advice on it? Is it a good deal, or should i just try to sell my vox instead? He is also including the match 412 cab in the deal.
I play punk/alternative stuff, think All time low/ blink tonesish- my band page has some tunes on if you want an example http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stealing-The-Process/163305207054118?sk=app_178091127385.
Thanks guys
All I will say about the MOSFET is if you turn that shit up really loud you will convince yr neighbours that they are under a bomb attack.

For what you want, sell the Vox and look for a Marshall JCM900.
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IIRC the Mosfet series though solid state isn't like the mg or vs series i think its made in england but im not sure, all I know for sure is that they are of good quality, but yea like it was said before if you can find a jcm 900, tubes are always better.
The MOSFET Marshalls are an interesting throwback to a time when MOSFET's were touted as being "as good as valves". That's why MOSFET is written in such large letters on the front. Although MOSFET's did turn out to be sensational for hifi they didn't produce what was required by guitarists. Having said that though, for a SS amp they are rather good.
I agree with the other guys though. A JCM900 is the right amp for the job - and they are quite cheap really.
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i'm gonna agree with what everyone else has said, the lead 100 MOSFETs are alright, but a JCM900 would be a better choice really.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
althought the amp isn't perfect for you i think the deal may still be good. i think the Marshall may be better trade bait in the long run for something that would work better for you. i don't think those were to bad at all and you may even like it for what you are doing.
The MOSFET 100 is a diecent amp, way better than the other "well" known ss Marshalls.

But like said tubes are much better.
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ima go ahead and say if you can find one, the JCM 900. But you might wanna try it out and see if it suits you. btw, checked out your band. pretty sweet stuff man