I'm plan my build right now, it's a mahogany body(costum shape) with a maple|mahogany|maple neck, it is a neck-tru. it has 7 strings and it will have a Floyd rose.
I design it with a voilin/cello characteristics so I thought it will be awsome to build it with a voilin paghead (not just the scroll, I mean the whole thing with a voilin and/or cello tuners)
1. have you seen something like this? where?
2. where will I put 7 tuners on one paghead? design ideas?
found something good
3. which tuners would be the best for my idea?

with thanks, Almog
with thanks.. MR. Dubin
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slightly off topic, but along the same lines, i really wanted to use (and i bought some) violin fine tuners for a bridge, but im worried about their strength. the tension isnt a HUGE amount different from a guitar, but idk. would be realllly cool!

but the scroll thing is neat too, the one in the 1st post would take a lotttt of skilll though to carve!
PTModIT that's a nice lefty! great work!
xadioriderx ,that one I posted is off my league, I'm going with something easy like this
with thanks.. MR. Dubin
Jeez, i could maybe carve my name into it with a knife or something....
anyone on here ever done any carving? ive seen sharpie and stuff but no carving so far! i mean on google images i can find them, but..
I'm learning wood carving with chisels... my next guitar will be carved...
BTW there is a guy in deviantart how carve guitar extrimly well, very Inspirational
with thanks.. MR. Dubin
Keep in mind violin pegs are not very precise.
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but If I will have a floyd rose with locking system... will it matter?
with thanks.. MR. Dubin
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When I got to the headstock I wanted to do it simple.I did want to carve at that point of the build.So I cheated a bit using the rosettes you find a home depot and glued them to the sides.After this pic was taken I added a gold scroll rod sticking out from the center of the rosettes.I have a pic below.I did shorten them.They don't stick out that far.That was just a test..
I'm carving the real thing! from mahogany
does anyone have a sketch of a cello's paghead? with length and sizes?
it would be very useful
with thanks.. MR. Dubin